This guy knows his stuff

This is the only AC crew in the area that should ever be used! We had three different guys come out to look at our AC unit, the first two guys both said they fixed it, charged over $200 each (not including any parts, just for the visit) and didn’t get the job done right – the unit shut down again within days of their visits. Justin for Queen City came out and spent much more time investigating the problem than the others. He thought he fixed it the first visit but said if it gave us any more problems to give us a call. A few days later it once again shut down, he was suprised to hear this so he came out again for FREE (customer service at its best, which most companies have long forgotten about), this time he looked at the last/least likely scenarios, which required even more work/time (had to dig up the wiring to the unit). He found the issue, replaced the wiring at NO COST, and it has been working like a charm ever since (several months now). This guy knows his stuff and trust me, its worth every penny to get the right guy, I wish he was the first person we contacted. Will always do business with him in the future.

Jimmy Chrouser