1. Benefits of Replacing Your Air Conditioner Unit

    Here in Springfield, those warmer months can be brutal. There’s nothing like walking into your home to be welcomed by the comforting, cool air of your air conditioner unit. This particular system of our home may go out of sight and out of mind, but if something were to go wrong with this part of o…Read More

  2. How People Got By Without Air Conditioning

    On those days where the heat isn’t terribly oppressive, it’s pretty easy to take air conditioning for granted. Even when it’s running at full blast, sometimes the import of it is lost on us. But in reality, air-conditioning is life-changing, and you can bet our lives would be way different wit…Read More

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    5 Facts You May Not Know About Air Conditioning

    Even though summer is less than a month away from officially ending, we’re still in the throes of its hottest days. It’s easy to forget about air conditioning during Missouri’s freezing winters, but it’s impossible to neglect in the summer. You’ll be grateful if it’s working, and you’l…Read More

  4. Why Have the Coils Cleaned On Your System?

    The primary culprits that clog your indoor coils are things you sometimes can’t avoid.  Dust, Dirt, pet hair, human hair/dander, airborne grease from cooking, and just plain old debris that floats in the air.  These things can coat and block your coils over time causing your system to work harde…Read More

  5. Helpful Air Conditioning Secrets for Summer

    Summer is in full swing here in Springfield, and that means that temperature and humidity are on the rise. It also means that you’ll be spending more time using your air conditioner. Here in Missouri, we use our AC plenty, so many homeowners feel they know everything there is to know about their a…Read More