1. Old Home vs New Home and HVAC

    Why are we so so hot when our AC goes out? Air Conditioning has completely changed the way we design and construct buildings and homes. Many of the old ways of naturally keeping a home cooler were: loosely built enclosures or cool brick structures, high ceilings, breezeways, strategically placed sh…Read More

  2. Attic R Value for us here in the Ozarks

    Pictured in the Post is a poorly insulated Attic. Home energy conservation is important to us at Queen City Heating and Cooling. So we wanted to share this info to hopefully help you out with the up coming increase in energy use from the cooling season. You can increase the efficiency of your home …Read More

  3. Nest Thermostats

    Here is a Nest Second Generation installed by Queen City Heating and Cooling. Check them out at http://nest.com/ they are truly the most advanced thermostat on the market. Their features are amazing. ​​SLXLM  …Read More

  4. HVAC Myth Buster

    Who is looking forward to a warm up next week?! I know I am! Thought I would share a little HVAC Myth-Buster to help everyone with the upcoming summer heat. HVAC Myth: To save money on your electric bill, close registers in rooms that are not used. HVAC Fact: Shutting off air flow in those rooms can…Read More

  5. Operation Costs

    Did you know that the average home in Southwest Missouri uses about $2400.00 per year in energy? About 60% of that is spent keeping the temperature of our homes comfortable and heating our water. That comes to $1440.00. Just thought I would share this cool fact. Hope everyone has a great week. Than…Read More

  6. Mission of this Blog Page

    It is going to be our mission with the blog entries to share important HVAC facts and to inform both the customer of Queen City Heating and Cooling and people starting to enter the Heating and Cooling field. We will share articles from trusted Heating and Air Conditioning news sources, pictures from…Read More