1. New Rheem Furnace Redesign

    Furnace replacement completed last week. How do you like the new Rheem redesign? I love it! it is 20% quieter, and up to 96% efficiency! Wow good job Rheem! ​​SMXLL  …Read More

  2. Duct Cleaning

    Another quality Duct Cleaning job done here at Queen City Heating and Cooling. On average it is good to have a inspection on your duct at least once every year. You may need a cleaning every 10 years or so, but also you may have sagging, broken, or disconnected runs that are wasting your conditioned…Read More

  3. Can You Find Your Filters?

    Here is something any HVAC system should ALWAYS have, a filter you can change easily. Return Air Filters are located at a return filter grill, above the furnace like pictured above, or in a designated cabinet. Clean filters are a must. That is why at Queen City Heating and Cooling we make sure you c…Read More

  4. New Construction Jobs

    Busy week here at Queen City Heating and Cooling, Thanks to all our loyal customers!! Here is a recent new construction job of ours at Queen City Heating and Cooling. It is a 3.5 Ton all electric system will custom duct design. ​​SLXLM  …Read More

  5. Nice Crawl Space

    Just in case you wondered what was the nicest crawl space ever, this one was a winner! I felt like I had the red carpet treatment to be able to walk thru it with lights, sure felt spoiled! ​​SMLXL…Read More

  6. What is there to Clean in your Furnace

    What is in your furnace? These before and after pictures where taken on 8/31 at a service preformed by Queen City Heating and Cooling on a furnace approximately 7 years old. Pictured is the blower motor and the blower wheel. 100% of the air a HVAC system circulates is over these parts, and enters ou…Read More

  7. Hard Water?

    Chances are if you live in the Ozarks you have VERY HARD water. Hard water effects all of our appliances and fixtures connected to water, it is what commonly plugs up your coffee pot, leaves spots on our dishes, and why your shower head shoots in every direction but straight. A great way to protect …Read More

  8. Rheem AC Concept

    Here is a release from a recent HVAC show. I think it looks amazing. Great design Rheem! ​​SMLXL  …Read More

  9. AC History

    Did you ever wonder how "air conditioning" came to be? Here is a fun Air Conditioning factoid: On July 17, 1902, Willis Haviland Carrier designed the first modern air-conditioning system, launching an industry that would fundamentally improve the way we live, work and play. According to some sources…Read More

  10. Flex Duct Cleaning

    Ever thought about having your ducts cleaned? This is a before and after taken on site at a job here in Springfield, MO preformed by Queen City Heating and Cooling. It is an important thing to have done to keep a homes air quality in a healthy state, as you can see in the picture dust builds up mos…Read More