1. 8 Questions for Choosing the Right Contractor

      You should feel comfortable asking these 8 questions to any contractor you interview.  Most importantly, you should be happy with their answers before agreeing to a contract. Do you have a location and/or warehouse that you can visit? Are you licensed and insured? Are you members of a natio…Read More

  2. Quality, Professional Installation vs. Price

    This blog is the best platform for us to use as a sounding board for issues we find relevant to our industry, our customers, and our families regarding trends and news in HVAC.  There was a recent article in a prominent HVAC industry magazine that struck a chord with us here at Queen City Heating a…Read More

  3. What are VOCs?

      SLXLM​​ The most common pollutants found inside your home are dust and pollen (in non-smoking households). Beyond that there are a list of compounds known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which are a harmful health risk for you and your family.  These compounds are defined by the EPA as f…Read More

  4. IAQ – How Clean Is Your System?

    How often do you think about the quality of the air you breathe? It probably depends on where you are throughout your day.  If you’re driving with your windows down and pull behind a diesel truck that’s burning oil while pulling a stock trailer full of cattle, it may cross your mind.  However,…Read More

  5. Building Codes in HVAC

    The HVAC industry has building codes in place to prevent unsafe and incorrect installations practices.  These codes protect the homeowner, the industry as a whole and also protects upstanding professional technicians who strive to do the job right every time. From this perspective, if you are a pro…Read More

  6. Why Buy A Service Agreement?

    You’ve just purchased a new Furnace and AC combination package to upgrade the 22-year-old equipment in your home. So now you can just forget about them for a few years, right?  Wrong. Your new equipment deserves to be treated with care and attention so that you get the most out of it for the long…Read More

  7. Downflow vs. Upflow Furnace Comparison

    This week we're going to discuss the differences between the function and characteristics of Downflow vs. Upflow Furnaces and how to tell which system you have. An Upflow furnace takes in returned air from the house through the bottom of the furnace while heating the air and sending it into the duct…Read More

  8. What Is the MHEC?

    Did you know that the Missouri Division of Energy has set up a program to certify the improvements you make to your home that improve your home’s efficiency and energy usage? The program is called MHEC and you can apply via their website to have an auditor evaluate your home and issue you a certif…Read More

  9. What Is That Sound?

    Welcome to a series we are starting called "What Is That Sound?".  In this series, we will cover common and uncommon noises made by mechanical equipment and how you can use these sounds to diagnose issues with any of your current equipment.  First, we will start with... Water Heaters Have you noti…Read More

  10. What About Pilot Light Issues?

    Ok, here’s the scenario...It’s cold, really cold. When cold weather like this hits your area, you go on vacation to significantly warmer climates. While you’re away, lying on tropical beaches soaking up the sun’s rays, the power goes out for about 6 hours in your neighborhood because of fall…Read More