A quick search for “HVAC companies near me” will result in dozens of hits on page one of Google. It can be hard to know which one to choose. If you’re lucky enough to call the Springfield area home, the choice is easy. Queen City Heating & Cooling is the area’s first choice for HVAC companies. We offer repair and replacement services, on all of the leading HVAC brands. We also serve as a helpful resource with our extensive blog page. Here you will find helpful articles, tips, and even videos that will help you care for your HVAC unit saving you time and money.

  1. How Long Should Your New System Last?

    How long should your new system last? The newer high efficiency equipment on the market today has proven to give you a break on your utility bills, but how long should these systems last?  Well of course there are factors to consider such as routine maintenance, indoor air quality of your home, the…Read More

  2. Why Have the Coils Cleaned On Your System?

    The primary culprits that clog your indoor coils are things you sometimes can’t avoid.  Dust, Dirt, pet hair, human hair/dander, airborne grease from cooking, and just plain old debris that floats in the air.  These things can coat and block your coils over time causing your system to work harde…Read More

  3. Frequent Air Conditioner Problems

    Now that we're in the throes of summertime, many in Springfield are choosing to spend more time at home, enjoying the luxury of the treated air offered by their air conditioner. But running your air conditioner more often and for longer periods of the day puts added wear and tear on the unit. All of…Read More