1. Downflow vs. Upflow Furnace Comparison

    This week we're going to discuss the differences between the function and characteristics of Downflow vs. Upflow Furnaces and how to tell which system you have. An Upflow furnace takes in returned air from the house through the bottom of the furnace while heating the air and sending it into the duct…Read More

  2. What Is the MHEC?

    Did you know that the Missouri Division of Energy has set up a program to certify the improvements you make to your home that improve your home’s efficiency and energy usage? The program is called MHEC and you can apply via their website to have an auditor evaluate your home and issue you a certif…Read More

  3. What Is That Sound?

    Welcome to a series we are starting called "What Is That Sound?".  In this series, we will cover common and uncommon noises made by mechanical equipment and how you can use these sounds to diagnose issues with any of your current equipment.  First, we will start with... Water Heaters Have you noti…Read More

  4. What About Pilot Light Issues?

    Ok, here’s the scenario...It’s cold, really cold. When cold weather like this hits your area, you go on vacation to significantly warmer climates. While you’re away, lying on tropical beaches soaking up the sun’s rays, the power goes out for about 6 hours in your neighborhood because of fall…Read More

  5. Air Filtration – Indoor Air Quality

    What kind of filter should you use? How important are filters to the efficiency and life of your HVAC equipment?  Does it really matter what type of filter you buy? Which filter type is recommended? There are 2 types of filters most commonly available for residential installations: Fiberglass SLXLM…Read More

  6. What Is a Heat Pump?

    When your searching for options to efficiently control the comfort and quality of the indoor air of your home, the best options on the market today are Heat Pumps.  Here is what Rheem says about their functionality on their corporate website: “Designed for year-round comfort, a heat pump keeps yo…Read More

  7. Why Upgrade to a 2 Stage Furnace?

    With the introduction of 2 stage furnace technology the ability to have more control over the efficiency of a system was not only significantly improved for the installer but also gave the homeowner much more control.  Giving everyone the power to enhance their comfort at home and also reducing the…Read More

  8. Fire Safety During the Winter Months

    The National Fire Protection Association states, “Heating is the second leading cause of U.S. home fires, deaths and injuries. December, January and February are the peak months for heating fires. Space heaters are the type of equipment most often involved in home heating equipment fires, figuring…Read More

  9. Queen City’s Equipment Repair/Replacement Protocol

    So here’s your story... When the temperatures begin to cool down during the winter months, you notice that your furnace isn’t quite doing the best job of heating your home.  The system appears to be kicking on, but the air just isn’t warm enough in the house for your comfort level. What shoul…Read More

  10. Indoor Air Quality – Humidifiers

    The first sign of cold weather makes you want to turn on your furnace.  Your system is constantly moving heat from one area to another (either inside or outside of your home).  As your system functions, especially systems with gas powered furnaces, it will have a tendency to decrease the level of …Read More