1. Why Have the Coils Cleaned On Your System?

    The primary culprits that clog your indoor coils are things you sometimes can’t avoid.  Dust, Dirt, pet hair, human hair/dander, airborne grease from cooking, and just plain old debris that floats in the air.  These things can coat and block your coils over time causing your system to work harde…Read More

  2. dirty-blower-motor

    Why Is My AC So Loud? (WITS – Series)

    The most common causes of excessive noise related to your Cooling System can vary depending on the system you have. In this post, we will list a few common causes to the excessive noise issue. The most important point we would like to make here is that if something sounds like it should be checked o…Read More

  3. Frequent Air Conditioner Problems

    Now that we're in the throes of summertime, many in Springfield are choosing to spend more time at home, enjoying the luxury of the treated air offered by their air conditioner. But running your air conditioner more often and for longer periods of the day puts added wear and tear on the unit. All of…Read More

  4. Helpful Air Conditioning Secrets for Summer

    Summer is in full swing here in Springfield, and that means that temperature and humidity are on the rise. It also means that you’ll be spending more time using your air conditioner. Here in Missouri, we use our AC plenty, so many homeowners feel they know everything there is to know about their a…Read More

  5. 8 Questions for Choosing the Right Contractor

      You should feel comfortable asking these 8 questions to any contractor you interview.  Most importantly, you should be happy with their answers before agreeing to a contract. Do you have a location and/or warehouse that you can visit? Are you licensed and insured? Are you members of a natio…Read More

  6. Quality, Professional Installation vs. Price

    This blog is the best platform for us to use as a sounding board for issues we find relevant to our industry, our customers, and our families regarding trends and news in HVAC.  There was a recent article in a prominent HVAC industry magazine that struck a chord with us here at Queen City Heating a…Read More

  7. What are VOCs?

      SLXLM​​ The most common pollutants found inside your home are dust and pollen (in non-smoking households). Beyond that there are a list of compounds known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which are a harmful health risk for you and your family.  These compounds are defined by the EPA as f…Read More

  8. IAQ – How Clean Is Your System?

    How often do you think about the quality of the air you breathe? It probably depends on where you are throughout your day.  If you’re driving with your windows down and pull behind a diesel truck that’s burning oil while pulling a stock trailer full of cattle, it may cross your mind.  However,…Read More

  9. Building Codes in HVAC

    The HVAC industry has building codes in place to prevent unsafe and incorrect installations practices.  These codes protect the homeowner, the industry as a whole and also protects upstanding professional technicians who strive to do the job right every time. From this perspective, if you are a pro…Read More

  10. Why Buy A Service Agreement?

    You’ve just purchased a new Furnace and AC combination package to upgrade the 22-year-old equipment in your home. So now you can just forget about them for a few years, right?  Wrong. Your new equipment deserves to be treated with care and attention so that you get the most out of it for the long…Read More