1. Saving Money and Energy with Your Thermostat

    Regardless of the time of year, your thermostat is something that you’re always in tune with so that you can maintain the comfort of your home. With that being said, changing your thermostat too often and too drastically can leave your HVAC system working overtime and increase the amount that youâ…Read More

  2. Most Common Issues Heaters Have During the Winter

    Your HVAC system is the last thing that you want to have technical issues with during the winter months. When temperatures are at a low here in Springfield, you want to feel confident in your furnace and the HVAC system that’s going to push that warm air throughout your house. With that being said…Read More

  3. How People Got By Without Air Conditioning

    On those days where the heat isn’t terribly oppressive, it’s pretty easy to take air conditioning for granted. Even when it’s running at full blast, sometimes the import of it is lost on us. But in reality, air-conditioning is life-changing, and you can bet our lives would be way different wit…Read More

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    5 Facts You May Not Know About Air Conditioning

    Even though summer is less than a month away from officially ending, we’re still in the throes of its hottest days. It’s easy to forget about air conditioning during Missouri’s freezing winters, but it’s impossible to neglect in the summer. You’ll be grateful if it’s working, and you’l…Read More

  5. 3 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool When the AC Is Broken

    Living without air conditioning can just be the absolute worst — especially if you’re in the middle of a muggy summer in Ozark and the surrounding regions. The sun beats down on us hard, and it can be an absolutely hellish experience if there’s no way to cool the air. Unfortunately, air condit…Read More

  6. Beware These 3 Myths About Air Conditioning

    As HVAC experts, we know better than anyone how frustrating it can be when an HVAC system goes down. But sometimes, the process of fixing it can be even more of a headache. You not only have to know what the problem is, but you have to find the right team to fix it, make sure you’re paying an affo…Read More

  7. Frequent Air Conditioner Problems

    Now that we're in the throes of summertime, many in Springfield are choosing to spend more time at home, enjoying the luxury of the treated air offered by their air conditioner. But running your air conditioner more often and for longer periods of the day puts added wear and tear on the unit. All of…Read More

  8. Helpful Air Conditioning Secrets for Summer

    Summer is in full swing here in Springfield, and that means that temperature and humidity are on the rise. It also means that you’ll be spending more time using your air conditioner. Here in Missouri, we use our AC plenty, so many homeowners feel they know everything there is to know about their a…Read More

  9. 8 Questions for Choosing the Right Contractor

      You should feel comfortable asking these 8 questions to any contractor you interview.  Most importantly, you should be happy with their answers before agreeing to a contract. Do you have a location and/or warehouse that you can visit? Are you licensed and insured? Are you members of a natio…Read More

  10. Quality, Professional Installation vs. Price

    This blog is the best platform for us to use as a sounding board for issues we find relevant to our industry, our customers, and our families regarding trends and news in HVAC.  There was a recent article in a prominent HVAC industry magazine that struck a chord with us here at Queen City Heating a…Read More